Sunday, May 21, 2006

Emerging Market ETFs as an exposure to emerging mkts

I have been speaking my mind in sgfunds that i have an intention to have an exposure to eastern europe through one of the three eastern europe fund under fsm. Howeverm i am quite put off by the high expense ratio. The expense ratio reaches 3.19%, which is not very ideal if you are to put this for 10 years.

I will be looking into this area. I am quite swayed into the idea of having an emerging mkt ETF rather than a unit trust. Some ideas for my thought process.

  1. Do I really require an eastern europe fund?

  2. Cost over exposure?

  3. Unit Trust vs ETFs: Which is more practical and efficient?

  4. Performance of emerging mkt managers over indexes

  5. Vanguard Emerging Vipers (VWO) vs iShares MSCI Emerging Mkt

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indexfundfan said...

At 3.19%, the fund manager would be keeping your profits, not you!