Saturday, December 04, 2010

Don’t be scare by insurance agents scare tactics

One of the tricks that insurance agents will do to make you tilt to the point that you need to buy that policy from them is to relate a story to you:
Insurance agents tell the consumers that the cost of a liver transplant is $100,000 and that it would be covered under a private shield plan.
Conman & conwoman like to tell the story of Andrea De Cruz's $250K liver transplant in Raffles Hospital. They have a thick folder of such newspaper stories to frighten the ignorant to do their bidding i.e. buy expensive private shield plans with all the riders, and buy expensive wholelife to "cover the critical illness".
Please filter this carefully. Remember that insurance is a bet against the unforseen and you are paying for it. Always research up what is the probability of such a risk happening.
In the end the cost of paying for that probability is your insurance cost. You want to pay for something that probability should be pretty high.

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