Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is so horrifying about Singapore Bus delays Mr Lim Biow Chuan

I read in Channel News Asia today that the MP for Mountbatten commenting that he conducted his own spot checks on bus efficiency and is horrified by the results.

Mr Lim was accompanied by an officer from the Land Transport Authority during both checks.

The first check was made at Jalan Batu, near the HDB estate at Tanjong Rhu while the second was at the bus stop at Block 56, Cassia Crescent.

Mr Lim told Channel NewsAsia he was "horrified" that three bus services -- 158, 12 and 197 -- took half an hour to arrive, and said he has written to the Public Transport Council.

He said by doing so, he hopes to influence the public transport operators to improve their service, and to stress the need for regular services.
"I know how bus companies work," Mr Lim said.

"They say there are traffic jams, breakdowns etc. I do empathise. But at the end of the day, bus commuters are frustrated and bus companies must know this."

I wonder why this is so surprising. Is it because they don’t take public transport and only now do they realise that buses can be so packed during peak hours you cannot get to work or that they take so long to come?

All this can be solved by capacity at the cost of profits. The MRT and Bus companies are just unwilling to do it.

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